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Dynamic and effective slide decks that get your story told.

Developing Powerpoint and Keynote presentations for ad firms, marketing departments, legal teams, and lecturers, I combine graphic sensibility with editorial expertise to transform raw notes and data into sharp and effective slideshows. My intent is to help clients move beyond bullet points and bar charts, exploring more compelling ways to deliver information and tell a story.

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Brand Compliance

It is critical to lock in brand standards from the very start in any presentation project. With the preferred font and colors set, any content added to the deck will adhere to the style guide automatically.

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Proficiency with PowerPoint (naturally) and Keynote, as well as with the Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign). I take project management very seriously, managing tasks and delegating work when projects require assistance from subcontractors.

My professional experience has covered a wide range of industries: Consumer goods, advertising, legal, management consulting, and non-profit.

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The presentation is a complement to the speaker, who must always have the audience’s attention. It reinforces the message and delivers information the speaker cannot express, but it should never contradict the speaker or distract the audience.

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It is never too early to discuss an upcoming project. If you have a presentation on the horizon, feel free to get in touch.